TV signals are currently distributed in the country in analogue as well as in digital and terrestrial formats. A digital format provides better picture quality & sound and other benefits leading to a better quality service. As part of Digitization, every cable operator will be legally bound to transmit digital signals, which can be received at the subscriber's home, only through a Set Top Box, often called an STB.

DAS is a cable TV service in which TV channels are sent through cable TV network in digital and encrypted form. Only authorized users can receive channels using a Set-Top-Box (STB) and TV set. The authorization is given by the service provider. This system is able to carry large number of TV channels, radio services and other value added services. In this system the consumers can choose channels/services of their choice and pay only for the same.

"Set top box" (STB) is a device, which is connected to a television set at the consumer premises and which allows a consumer to view encrypted channels of his choice. The basic function of the set top box is to decrypt the channels and to convert the digital signals into analogue mode for viewing on television sets. A smart card or viewing card is a part of set top box which allow only those channels to be viewed which are subscribed by the consumer and authorized by the service provider.

As per TRAI guideline, it is compulsory to submit the Subscriber Application Form with valid documents to get the Digital TV connection. You can contact Nodal officer/Franchise of JPR Network in your area for getting new connection. Subscribers can also contact JPR Network helpline on.

The services are hardwired right into your home through your existing Cable connection for consistently clear viewing. The best part of our services is that you will enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite dishes which are affected in bad weather. Plus, you don't have to install an unsightly dish on your home.

If you have more than one television at home, then you have to install one Set-Top-Box per Television Set.

JPR Network gives you complete control on what you want to watch. Now you can subscribe to any of the available Base Packs as per your requirements & you can opt for Add-On Packs as per your choice for additional channels. You also have the choice of picking your favourite regional channels through various Regional Packs.

Keeping in mind our diverse audiences, we have several choices of Regional channels covering major languages such as Marathi, Konkani,Kannada, and many more. You can subscribe to any of your favourite regional channels through various Regional Packs as add-on to your Base Packs.

JPR Network gives you complete control on what you want to watch. You are now absolutely free to choose the package as per your choice and pay only for those packages you wish to subscribe. The subscription charges will include Base Package Charges, Add-on package charges & any other service charges. If you wish to opt for any Add-on packs then only they will form part of your subscription.

There will be service tax payable at the rate of 14% on the total charges for current month which includes Base Package subscription charges & Add-on package charges & any other service charges. In addition to that, Entertainment Tax @ Rs 15 per month will be charged per connection. The taxes may vary as per rules & regulations set by the Government.

All set top boxes are covered under a Basic Warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of installation ("Warranty Period"). If you encounter any problem, you can call on the 24x7 helpline no. 1800 266 9598. Our helpdesk team will be able to help you resolve the problem. If the problem persists, we have a dedicated field team who are trained to solve any technical problems that you may encounter. You can also contact Nodal officer/ Franchise of JPR Network in your area for registering your complaints.

JPR Network is one of first small MSO (Multi System Operator) who started digital head end with latest technology for there customers to get best slandered and high definition Quality picture. In this endeavour JPR Network franchise opportunity opens the door for you to own and operate Digital Cable TV business. Being a JPR Network franchisee grants you the benefits of a successful system of High Definition clarity with MPEG-4 Technology. JPR Network is granting franchises for its Digital Cable TV business to qualified applicants having good understanding & strong skills. JPR Network gives the Opportunity to all his existing franchises that he can activate, deactivate, change package and lot more things like he is owner of his own business.